All-Around Wonderful Blog Award

For me, the best part of the cake has always been the icing.   I have just  received The All Around Wonderful Blog Award from my new friend, Kate Kresse of Believe Anyway.  This award is so sweet, it reminds me of the cake icing I love.   I am a novice at this blogging thing, so to receive that award is absolutely delicious!  I am discovering  the best part of blogging is in making friends like Kate, so generous in her comments, so inspirational.  To quote Kate,  “…it (the award) lets me know that I am not alone.”  This is precisely how I feel as I am inspired to begin writing again and again.  The award is like a great big hug and the blogusfear is less fearsome with that feeling to sustain me.

So Kate, Thank You!  Your kindness is hugely appreciated.  Your comments are warm and heartening.  Your openhearted, obvious enjoyment of the words I send into cyberspace evoke a huge grin on this end.  And the award is the very icing on the cake!  You are a treasure.

To follow the rules and to keep this award going forward, I am giving it to three others inspirational bloggers I have been lucky enough to discover:

To A Lighter Shade of Grey because this blog’ is replete with wry humor.  Example:  “I am at an awkward age – that one between 50 and 65.  It is when a woman is older than all of her kitchen appliances, older than the house she lives in, but not as old as the dirt in the yard. ”

To Going Dutch, because the term “armchair traveler” is really appropriate to her posts about Amsterdam, the Philipines, and anywhere her delightful little family enjoys expeditions.  She is a phenomenal photographer and you don’t have to leave home to feel the beauty of her surroundings.

And to Of Bees, Baseball,  Bicycles…and other things because Sweetman’s real feelings are hidden in his prose in such a way that I begin to chuckle and then I can’t help laughing out loud.

Award Recipients:  When you accept the award, put the badge on your page (right click on the badge in my right sidebar) -click copy image url-then paste it into image url in your widget; then in the URL Link, link it back to the permalink for this page.  Acknowledge the award on your post with a link pack to this page too.  Then give the award to three bloggers you think are “All -Around Wonderful.”

Comments on: "Loving the Icing on the Cake" (11)

  1. Congratulations, Dor! This is another well-deserved award, and I’m so happy for you! Your blog is fantastic, and soon you’ll have more readers than you know what to do with! :) I look forward to checking out your three recipients.

    • I wish I was one of your happy kids Melissa and that should tell you how I feel about this and all your comments and your wonderful blog.:)

    • Thanks Melissa. You definitely rock and you are always on my favorites list. If there’s a generation gap, maybe we are bridging it don’t you think?

  2. Congratulations on your award, Dor! Thanks for passing it along to my blog! I’ll pass it on when I have found some new blogs that are as deserving as you!

    • Thanks Margie! I was delighted when I found blogging as an outlet and now I’m delighted to find new friends out there and writers I admire…like you. The award is really the “icing” isn’t it?

  3. Congratulations Dor. Another well deserved award.:)

  4. Congratulations for this well-deserved award, Dor! And I’m so honored that you are giving this award to me as well. I’m really happy to know that you love my blogs and the pictures I take.

  5. Thank you Dor! What a terrific lift in my day to be mentioned by such a great writer!

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